For the Love of Soap!!

My soap journey started in 2004. I received a handmade soap as a gift. I loved the soap and wanted to learn more about the process and before long, soap, in all shapes, sizes and colors had filled the house. Encouraged by family and friends I began selling. I enjoy creating soaps, lotions, balms, salts and bath and body specialty items, and having fun doing it all.

We believe that natural is better, less is more, and that things that are good for you can look, feel and smell good and should bring a little relaxation in an often stressful world.

Natural olive oil soaps, made from scratch using the traditional methods. All of the ingredients in my soaps come from natural plant-based sources such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, and herbs. Many of the ingredients I use are the same healthy ingredients that you cook with in your kitchen at home - like pure olive oil, organic coconut oil, whole grain oatmeal, nut milks, and fragrant spices. Most of the herbs I use are grown organically right in my backyard!

Try it today and feel the difference!

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